GaiaView Meets & Exceeds the Needs of Physicians Wherever & Whenever

Physician Rounding Made Easy

  • Save time, less clicks, and improve care.
  • Access MyGaiaView on any mobile device, tablet, or desktop.
  • Fully customize MyGaiaView to your clinical specifications.

Intuitive and Efficient Charting

Use Physician Rounding to view, search, and round on patients in one place. MyGaiaView meets and exceeds the needs of physicians, including direct access to patient lists with views specifically designed for you.


GaiaView makes Physician Rounding manageable, efficient, and accessible with any device anywhere.


Proactive Management of Care

Physician Engagement

Tailored Physician Workflow for Better Patient Outcomes

  • Fully Customizable Physician Rounding Module
  • Physician access from any location
  • Assignment of Care Team action item for follow-up

Interdisciplinary Dashboards
Customized Interdisciplinary Notes
Unlimited Configurability


Latest Technology
Better Experience

Complete charting quickly and efficiently while providing quality care.

  • Easy access to view patient demographics and medical records.
  • Simple to review treatments, medications, labs, and vaccinations.
  • Instantly filter and switch from patient to patient.

Fully-customizable templates for physician rounding. Contact Gaia Sales to hear more about our web-based tools!


See What Gaia Can Do For You

We are committed to quality dialysis outcomes and keep evolving by adding important new features. With our unwavering dedication, we are continually expanding our functionality advantage between our software and all other dialysis EHR platforms.

Contact Gaia Sales to learn more about our web-based tools!