Gaia’s integrated dialysis EMR, EHR, Billing and Financial software are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of independent and hospital-based dialysis facilities.

From scheduling to lab results, reporting, and billing you can now manage your entire operation using our single software suite.

Working together, we’ll make your facility more efficient and reliable, enhance patient care, and enable your caregivers to focus on the issues that matter most.


Gaia seeks to build a long-term trusted relationship with your team by offering an unparalleled breadth of services that will empower you to deliver the highest quality of patient care, comply with rapidly changing regulatory requirements and maximize business outcomes.

Gaia’s Billing Service will help you price out services, eliminate lost, dropped or denied charges, and maintain current account receivable balances.

We also offer Medicare Cost Report Preparation, Financial and Operational Consulting, Accounting, and Tax Preparation services.



Gaia’s passionate leadership and support teams readily share their exceptional industry experience and are committed to helping you maximize the benefits derived from evolving technology, data, and best-practice processes.

Gaia conducts comprehensive on-site training for patient caregivers and staff and backs it up with 24/7/365 support.

Contact us today to learn how Gaia can help you succeed in today’s dialysis provider marketplace.