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SaaS Software Implementation

Implementing Change
Team Orientation & Commitment

Gaia places a premium on staff leadership in training and believes it is a critical component for success. Gaia’s implementation procedures are designed for success using the “Train the Trainer” concept. Gaia implementation and training program allows us to customize software implementation using both virtual and on-site training. We are experts in converting facilities large and small from pre-existing software solutions.

SaaS Software Implementation Philosophy

  1. Identify Champions as Change Agents
  2. System Administrator(s)
  3. Super User
  4. Hardware Administrator(s)
  5. Train the Super User methodology

Dialysis Management and Business Support SaaS Software Implementation

On-Going SaaS Software Training

Easy Adoption & Streamlined Training

  1. Simple Deployment to Accelerate Facility Go-live
  2. Interactive Training Methods
  3. Online
  4. Web
  5. Group
Dialysis-Management-And-Business-Support-On-Going-SaaS-Software Training

Gaia conducts comprehensive on-site training  with your team. Gaia’s passionate leadership and software support team readily share and impart their exceptional EHR knowledge to your Super User team. They are committed to helping you maximize the benefits derived from evolving technology, data, and best-practice processes. Gaia understands the importance of ongoing training and provides extensive “customer outreach” as a top priority. Gaia will provide all the necessary ongoing training material in both print and electronic form, including detailed user guides. You also have access to a copy of your production database in a “sandbox” environment for ongoing training and testing as we continuously release new functionality. All new functionality is thoroughly documented and reviewed with our customers before released to the live system. 

Dialysis Management and Business Support On-Going SaaS Software Training

SaaS Software Support

How Can We Help?

At Gaia, our ultimate goal is to always make sure that our customers’ issues are resolved as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Gaia’s in-house software support is a diverse team made up of software & hardware technicians, clinicians, billing experts, and financial consultants. Gaia’s trademark is providing excellent customer service, a clear differentiator in the ESRD industry.  We are available 24/7/365 to serve you!
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Software Tech Support

contact HELP DESK

Dialysis Management and Business Support SaaS Software Support

Billing SaaS Software Support

Establish a Single Point of Contact

  • New Patient Verification and Authorization Policy
  • Contracted Payer Analysis
  • Charge Master Sign-Off
  • Customized Database Build
  • EDI approval / ERA setup
  • Bad Debt Policy

Dialysis Management and Business Support Billing SaaS Software Support


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