EHR Data on demand 

DoD Reports allow users to view, analyze & derive insights directly from EHR

  • Compare 700+ Data Points
  • Customize Quality Reporting
  • Business Intelligence for Predictive Modeling

With Data on Demand, data can simply be exported from the Gaia EHR (Electronic Health Records). Then the Gaia EHR into customizable yet expertly configured reports, charts, and graphs – largely at the push of a button! As a result, making it easy to analyze Data on Demand reports in multiple ways.

Data on demand dashboard

Key Functionalities

  • Proactively trend and monitor annual QIP scoring data
  • Compile and collate data for a fully customizable and comprehensive QAPI program
  • Generate EHR (Electronic Health Records) Core Survey Data instantly
  • Create and save Ad Hoc Reports on over 700 data points
  • Base your decision-making process on real-time detailed data sets
  • Analyze lab and treatment results to optimize medication dosing
  • Audit medication orders and administrations
  • Identify overall trends in patient outcomes

Real-Time Data

Gaia’s new Data Analytics Tools allow users to view, analyze and derive insights from real-time treatment data. With the Dialysis Facility report also included in DoD, data mining is now at your fingertips for QAPI, and the Core Survey!

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