Gaia: Rebranded with you in mind

Gaia: Rebranded with you in mind


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We are taking a moment to announce our new and improved rebranding movement and give updates about where Gaia Software is going and what you can expect next.

Gaia is proud to announce the roll out our new and improved look which we’ve refreshed to more accurately represent our sophisticated line of products and services. While you can still expect the same great Gaia customer service and quality of products, this new look reflects the evolution of our software and our growth in the breadth of dialysis specific services we offer.

Over the last few months, we’ve poured our hearts into this redesign to capture the essence of why Gaia is the leading vendor for All Things Dialysis to the independent provider community. Gaia is more than just a software company so we have dropped the “Software” from our name to reflect the ever growing line of services and products we offer. In addition to dialysis specific EHR and Billing Software our team of industry professional can assist your facility with Third Party Billing, Financial Preparation (cost reports, taxes, etc.), Operational and Financial Consulting, and/or Management and Funding.

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The new Gaia Software logo represents our commitment to the dialysis industry, our growth, and the holistic view of how our products interact. The iconic “world” image found in the previous logo has been simplified as a blue arch illustrating how our products and services sail past the horizon, while our competition may still be waiting for their ship to come. The orange symbol in the place of the dot over the “I” represents the dialysis medical services logo and our dialysis specialization. Our logo goals were simple and elegant; be instantly recognizable as the leader of All Thing Dialysis.

Of course with this update, we have also re-designed our website at with you in mind. Our new site focuses on educating new and current clients alike on the wealth of products and services we deliver while giving updates about where Gaia is going and what you can expect next. Check back to our site frequently to learn more about new services, read our blog, or contact us directly.

A company’s most valuable asset is its reputation; our staff is committed, now more than ever, to providing you and your staff with the tools and resources to deliver quality patient care to your dialysis patients. We are thankful for your partnership and are excited to share this change with you.



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