Dialysis Software



Gaia’s flagship EHR sets the industry standard for comprehensive, fully-integrated electronic charting.  It simplifies the recording processes of charting treatment activities and creates workflow synergies.  Gaia’s EHR functionality is easy to use but has a very high ceiling for experienced users.  Our dialysis software encompasses all required Interdisciplinary tools and allows you to easily analyze the quality of patient care during the delivery of a dialysis procedure.  Give your staff the best tool in the industry to care for your patients!


Gaia’s patented Scheduling program provides a powerful application to generate and track both patient and staff scheduling.  Customization is available for real-time scheduling by facility and acuity. Using treatment time studies users are able to create an ideal patient schedule and balance workloads.  Staff modeling tools allows management to optimize staffing and maximize labor efficiencies.  These unique tools are ideal for both single facility and multiple facility dialysis programs.

Integrated Billing Software

Flexible and easy to use, Gaia’s Billing Software is customized for dialysis specific billing and built to empower your billers and improve cash flow.   This sophisticated Windows based billing software package provides a vast selection of features that will help you skillfully manage the revenue side of your dialysis organization.  Besides generating timely & customizable reports the software also has the ability to import all billing data from Gaia EHR, eliminating manual entry so your billers don’t have to worry about key stroke errors or dropped charges.



Gaia’s exclusive Budgeting Software Module provides timely data analysis to quickly point to problem areas so corrective action can be planned and implemented during the next business cycle. This tool, designed specifically for dialysis organizations, helps analyze actual financial performance by giving your administrators the ability to drill down to root causes for deviations from expected financial results.

Cost Per Treatment

Our specialized Cost Per Treatment software determines appropriate cost center & A&G allocations and calculates average cost per treatments by modality or by facility.  The software allows users to compare operating results against benchmarks for maximum CPT efficiency! This program is easy to use and pre-configured so users don't have to be accounting experts to operate it.