Challenges for Interoperability

Challenges for Interoperability

Challenges for Interoperability = Opportunities


In today’s ever-changing world of healthcare, there are rapid dynamics happening in information technology, data gathering and paperless clinical charting. As more and more caregivers are moving to EMR’s and other software platforms, the obvious challenges of interoperability are becoming more prevalent.

While most caregivers agree that automation and new technology are key to improving patient outcomes, the transition from traditional paper charting and manual data trending methods over to electronic processes can be daunting. Indeed, in the fast paced environment of a medical practice or a dialysis facility, there is little time to devote to making that transition.

Furthermore, when automation finally does happen, often times there will be several electronic platforms in place where interoperability becomes an issue. Very few EMR’s and other medical software platforms automatically “talk” to each other by default, so interfaces must be developed to streamline workflows and communication.

At Gaia Software, our development team is expert in integrating and interfacing different platforms. We bridge the gap with seamless integration techniques that allow caregivers to chart and run their centers with streamlined processes and solutions.

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